Silver Possum Jewellery


Deborah Varnay

Debbie owner of Silver Possum Jewellery, heralds from Sydney, Australia and is mother to 2 sons. Her creative outlets have been sewing and in more recent years silversmithing. What started off as a hobby with the occasional silversmithing class and online course, has now developed into a small business. Selling at handmade, artisan markets and taking commissions she is now branching out to the online market, making her beautiful creations available to a worldwide market.

Never one to stand still, she is always continuing to learn and develop new skills which are incorporated into each piece of jewellery she creates.

Silver Possum Jewellery pieces are lovingly created and crafted by Debbie. Because the pieces are completely hand-fabricated, each piece will be unique and one-of-a-kind or only produced in limited numbers. She does not mass-produce her pieces and each one is created, photographed and packaged by her own hands.